The Ultimate Power (Complete Series) By Samantha Potter

The Ultimate Power (Complete Series)

By Samantha Potter

  • Release Date: 2015-09-24
  • Genre: Erotica

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Burning Desire- Book one.
Warning: For Mature Adult Audiences. Contains language and actions some may deem offensive. MF In book one of the Ultimate Power: Ella is looking forward to coming of age. What she didn't know was what would be expected of her. With no prior knowledge, her life becomes filled with challenges. Challenges that not only affect Ella, but the fate of the world. Dominic is the leader of the Guardians. He and his five brothers have been groomed their whole lives for the duty of protecting the one with the ultimate power. Each one holding traits and powers of their own that set them apart. When Ella walks into their lives, the men realize she is the one they have been waiting for. There is a catch in gaining possession of her powers, she will claim one of the Guardians as her own. Even though Dominic wants to be the Guardian, the prophecy states the choice must be hers and hers alone. Evil has been intertwined in Ella's past, following her journey, showing up to put a stop to her training, and wanting the power for themselves. Can Ella learn to accept and harness the power given to her? Will she choose wrong in claiming her soulmate, setting the prophecy on a different path? And will the Guardians be able to protect Ella when evil comes for her?
Warning: For Mature Adult Audiences. Contains language and actions some may deem offensive. Sexually explicit content. MF In book two of the Ultimate Power: Dominic awakens in an unknown place and finds that he and his brothers are trapped. His memories surface not only of the creature that exiled them, but also of his mate, Ella, left behind fighting for her life. When Dominic is faced with a decision that could very well change his fate, he finds himself joining forces with unexpected reinforcements. Readying for a battle where preparation means the difference between life and death. One wrong decision could possibly kill all of them or worse kill his mate, Ella, and their unborn child. Dominic deals with emotions he has never endured before, as visions shown to him by a witch reveal the horrific future ahead of him. Bringing the fear of being a father to the forefront, overwhelming him with the knowledge he holds of the dangers within the world they live in. The Guardians set out on a journey with the potential of ripping apart their souls, leaving a hole that will never heal. The atmosphere has changed, bringing darkness upon them and a battle for Dominic and his loved ones that could cost them more than they ever expected.
Desired Temptation Book Three-
Warning: For Mature Adult Audiences. Contains language and actions
some may deem offensive. Sexually explicit content. Ménage – MMF.In book three of the Ultimate Power: Mystique was born into a world
where her future was undecided. The inability to control her own body made her personality unpredictable, causing chaos. With a Guardian as
her father and a witch as her mother, her power and future sent fear through those who loved her most.

Ethan and Darius, warriors trained to fight and protect Mystique at all costs, question their own ability to keep her safe. Their hearts
beat for her, their desires building within, their untamed lust driving them insane as they fight their urges in an attempt to
complete their mission.

The three find themselves fighting for the survival of their kind as they battle the elders to prove there is good in everyone—if the right
path is chosen. The future of everyone’s existence rest on the shoulders of the one whose life was ruled a mistake of nature.
However, Mystique and her men set out to prove fate was right and the power she holds within her belies all odds that not only will the
survival of everyone proceed; it will bring choices to a few who were destined to never know the love of a mate.