From A Beach Somewhere By David Sell

From A Beach Somewhere

By David Sell

  • Release Date: 2018-03-26
  • Genre: Investing

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When I explained one of my more complex recent trading events (see Dart Mining examples throughout this book) to one of my co-workers (no, we don’t work in the financial sector), he said:
“Wow! Most people have a hobby that costs them money, usually a lot of money. You have one that actually makes you money. That’s cool!”
Way cool.

Yes, there are the tales about the time traveller Andrew Carlssin using the stock market to turn $800 into $350 million in a very short time. (Google it. Nothing about it sounds true. It reads like something entirely made up – especially the time travel bit, although I thought that was quite funny).
This is not that story.
There is the story (and movie, and expensive workshops, and…) of the Wolf of Wall Street.
This is not that story.
This is my story. It is entirely true and it is entirely successful. It may lead to your story.
This is the story of what I have learned while teaching myself about the stock market. I acknowledge right now that I still have much to learn, but what I have learnt so far is extremely useful.
The market neither knows nor cares about who you are... not your sexuality, not your race, not your religion, nothing. So the only roadblock to getting started is you.
Would I have bought this book when I started out? Yes. It is exactly what I had been looking for.
From A Beach Somewhere will take you through the entire process, from the very beginning, and include actual trading as it happens, and will give you the confidence to have a go yourself.
Warning: If you are after a "get rich quick" scheme, this is not the book for you. This is about increasing your wealth, and doing it your way,.
Another warning: From A Beach Somewhere exclusively uses Australian conditions and dates and the Australian Securities Exchange for all of its examples. If you cannot deal with that then please don't spend your money on this book. If you can adapt the rules across to your local market (and yes, the rules and examples do adapt across), then this book will bring benefits well beyond the price tag.
One final warning: this book uses the internet for banking and share purchases and sales. If you are not comfortable using the internet for financial transactions I respectfully suggest you don't buy this book.