The Pocket Encyclopedia of Narcissism - Volume 1 By Lee Miller

The Pocket Encyclopedia of Narcissism - Volume 1

By Lee Miller

  • Release Date: 2019-10-07
  • Genre: Family & Relationships

The Pocket Encyclopedia of Narcissism - Volume 1 By Lee Miller. Normally, this book will cost you $9.99, Here you can download thousands of books in PDF file format for free without needing the extra spent money. Click the download button above or alternative link below to download thousands of books in PDF file format.


How is a narcissist created..?

How to escape the narcissist for good..?

What practical things can I do to recover from narcissistic abuse..?

Do narcissists like being narcissists..?

Why do narcissists abuse..?

How do I know if the person I love is a narcissist..?

Why did they choose me..?

What are the red flags of a [female] narcissist..?

Why don't people believe how bad narcissistic abuse really is..?

How do I tell a friend they are dating a narcissist..?

Are just a few of the answers covered with a depth of insight, care and compassion, and blunt reality that is a cross between a college education, therapy and a slap in the face with reality.

A unifying feature of ALL victims of narcissistic abuse is the endless questions it leaves them with - this book will answer those questions.

It will leave you with knowledge and direction.

And maybe - most importantly of all - it will silence that voice in your head endlessly screaming


Lee Miller [author of DATING HARLEY QUINN - My 3 Years With A Female Narcissist - which has sold in over 30 countries worldwide] started writing answers on the Q&A site Quora 4 months ago.

In that time he has written an astonishing 1000 answers, acquired 1000 dedicated followers and his work has been viewed by over 2,000,000 people.

To celebrate this triple milestone Lee has curated this anthology of 50 answers about narcissists, narcissistic abuse and recovery.


“Omg its 7:37 am ! I just woke up I slept all the way thru , wait …. It is wonderful I slept all the way thru safe and sound like a baby and I did it all by myself, I was safe without a man which is ironic because it was the man that made it unsafe for me to begin with.”
Angela Bello - 5 days after reading this book

"Ive had the question WHY ? in my head every day since I was discarded - its been driving me insane. All those endless questions are now answered! And now I know...God I wish Id had this book 6 months ago! if you are recovering from Narc abuse, seriously, BUY THIS BOOK. No padding, no filler, just straight to the point answers. And its a life changer! who knows; maybe I can sleep tonight without the questions going around and around in my head. Thankyou!"

WEZ - Amazon 5*