Alkaline Diet By Samantha Welti

Alkaline Diet

By Samantha Welti

  • Release Date: 2020-04-17
  • Genre: Diet & Nutrition

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The human body operates best at a certain level of alkalinity on the pH scale, however many of us aren't even close to the optimum level!
The modern western diet contains many acidic foods that raise the pH of the human body to dangerous levels. This acidic environment promotes disease and illness, and can make us unwell, lethargic, and lack in energy!

This book explains how the alkalinity level of your body works, and how you can improve it to the optimum range!
You will learn about the different alkaline foods that you can enjoy, as well as the foods that you should aim to avoid.
The benefits of the alkaline diet are numerous, as you will discover through reading this book. To help you get started with the alkaline diet, this book also includes a large range of alkaline recipes that aim to re-balance your pH levels!

Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn About... Why Alkaline Foods Are Important Alkaline Foods You Should Eat Acidic Foods You Should Avoid Benefits Of The Alkaline Diet Alkaline Recipes How To Test Your pH Levels Much, much more!